Diversity, equal opportunities and employability of our teams

employees abroad (with Strutt & Parker)
employees in France
women in the total workforce
women on the International Executive Committee
average training hours per employee

Rate of women among managers (France)

End of 2020 Target
45 %
43 %
43 %
43 %
43 %

% of employees who have completed at least one training course during the year (International)

End of 2020 Target​
81 %
85 %
79 %
80 %
77 %

Employability of employees

Advancing our employees and developing their employability are essential in order to meet the organisation’s future challenges.

Once integrated, we aim to build your loyalty, and we set up a continuous support and monitoring system adapted to the specific expectations of each individual.

This monitoring is supported by three key tools:

  1. Career management

  2. Mobility

  3. Training and skills development

All employees benefit from an individualised interview with their supervisor and a performance review once a year, as well as a career review once every three years. Employees aged 55 and over can benefit from a second half of their career interview.

Promote the diversity, equal opportunities and employability of our teams

BNP Paribas Real Estate is committed to integrating and protecting difference within the company, and trains its employees in diversity to make everyone’s work easier. Diversity is one of the main pillars of BNP Paribas Real Estate’s social responsibility. This is why we ask the company’s partners, as soon as they are recruited, to guarantee non-discrimination in the search for future employees.
Since 2005, we have been pursuing a proactive policy of combating discrimination and promoting diversity based on 4 pillars:
Employment of people and disability
Professional equality between men and women
Diversity and inclusion
Intergenerational diversity

Good practice

Women in Leadership

Since 2012, BNP Paribas Real Estate has been committed to women’s leadership. The Women In Leadership training programme aims at improving gender mixity and increase the visibility and leadership of women workers within the company. Since the start of the programme, more than 230 employees have participated. 

Promoting diversity and fighting against all forms of discrimination
Since 2007, BNP Paribas has identified discrimination as one of its 30 major operational risks. In 2015, the Group placed diversity at the center of the “BNP Paribas Way,” a charter outlining the company’s main values. BNP Paribas decided to structure its actions by forming a dedicated team and committee, consisting of 35 Diversity Officers and representing the 74 countries where the Group operates, as well as all of its business lines and functions.
Seniors policy
Since 2010, senior employees have been receiving pre-retirement training. In terms of social responsibility, the company has been offering employees aged 58 and over two additional days of annual leave, and four days from the age of 60.  This has been done since January 2014.
Involvement of people with disabilities
For missions entrusted to persons with disabilities such as computer seizures, document printing, etc. Since 2013, BNP Paribas Real Estate has been associated with the Centre de rééducation Professionnelle et sociale Jean-Pierre Timbaud de Nanterre.


  • “Does leadership have a gender?” », from Julia de Funès, speaker, essayist and philosopher.
  • Conference on disability by Inès Dauvergne, expert consultant in human resources development.
  • Diversity Week 2019, conference by Pete Stone, Franco-British bicultural expert on diversity, non-discrimination and interculturalism.
  • Diversity Week 2018, conference by Patrick Scharnitzky and testimony from the BNP Paribas MixCity Association, as part of Diversity Week, on the topics of stereotypes and Pride networks.
Support of employees with disabilities
The company encourages all of its employees with disabilities to benefit from the Recognition of the Quality of Disabled Worker (RQTH) in order to provide them with adapted and individualised solutions, to adjust their work situation and to promote their professional integration.
Diversity in recruitment
The company is committed to promoting diversity in recruitment and to asking the company’s partners to guarantee non-discrimination in the search for future employees. BNP Paribas Real Estate is committed to integrating and protecting difference within the company.
Signatories of the Diversity Charter

BNP Paribas has signed the Diversity Charter to support and promote non-discrimination in the workplace, and to introduce policies that create and promote diversity.